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Hi, I am Ken. I can convert your old videos and audio tapes to high quality DVD so that you can share with your family and friends.

About Relived Memories

Established in the 1970s, Relived Memories was one of the pioneers in the introduction of video stores in Northern Ireland. I was part of the pioneering team to introduce the concept to the country. In those days, it would cost a customer £5.95 for a 3 day rental, which was quite expensive. Later, I started supplying video tapes to video stores in the area. My boss gave me a video camera as a leaving gift when I quit my last job. Though the battery pack for the camera was strapped to the shoulder and weighed a ton, it was very kind of him to give me that gift. During those days, one of the directors of Mastertronics, Terry Medway contacted me and offered me the distribution rights for Northern Ireland to supply videotapes and video games. At the time, a video game sold for £14.95. Terry informed me that my retail price as a distributor for his company was £1.99. I couldn’t believe my ears and pondered how I would be able to function as a business with such low margins. Later on, when I took on the distribution routes to major firms such as Wellworths and Crazy Prices, I realised how low cost in large quantities worked and it’s this that has encouraged me to offer similar services in my existing business.

Photography always remained my hobby even during the Troubles and I took many photos on the subject during the troubled times in Northern Ireland. Though I had a video camera, I was more interested in 35mm camera photographing, therefore I sold my gifted video camera to invest in some photography equipment. I often took photographs when I came across compelling scenes throughout the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Later, I decided to give video a chance and I invested in some semi-pro video equipment to couple with my photography equipment. I covered many interesting topics such as the historic break out at the Maze Prison in Belfast. Shortly after that, I got into shooting and editing videos for bands and musicians, some examples of which can be seen below. Feel free to have a look. That’s the story of how I have now come to offer the business I do, as I’m sure you can gather the roots of the industry are well grounded and strong. I offer a very professional service for a very reasonable price to the general public backed with my years of experience in the industry.

Fast high-quality services at competitive prices

Normally I can convert an audio tape or video in just 72 hours, but if you need a fast-track service, I can convert it on a priority with a small nominal fee. Contact me today to discuss your requirements.

I have experience in:

  • Video and audio transfers
  • Cine transfers
  • Mini DV tapes to DVD
  • 8MM tape and Beta Max tape to DVD
  • Easily downloaded on modern devices

    Using media cloud technology, I can convert your audio tapes and videos to high quality DVDs that can be easily downloaded on modern devices such as smart phones, PCs and laptops.

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